Hey ! You all lovely people out there.

I am Asma Rehman, a Software Engineer by Profession and a cooking Enthusiast, Mother of 2 adorable sons with a very busy lifestyle. I love creating my own flavours in the kitchen. I am from India and currently living in Australia .

Regardless of where I am, my focus is simple: Live a vibrant uncomplicated life, share your bounties with the Less Fortunate and enjoy the rich flavours and food given by nature. Garlic and Onions was created as a medium to share the recipes that are simple, nutritious, delicious and visually appealing and also to bring those fancy 5-star hotel recipes from around the world in your home kitchen. Also I love to blog about everything I like or feel touched with, so along with the delicious recipes I am going to share more amazing topics on this blog.

By learning more about Garlic and Onions you are joining the movement towards an amazing taste at the comfort of home. On this site, you will get information about innumerable spices used in the kitchen and of course a large variety of delicious, nutritious and restaurant style recipes from around the world customised by me to bring out the best of the flavours. Following this site, you will learn cooking like a pro. in your home-kitchen with the basic utilities. Let’s get started.

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To get an insight into my work you can visit my Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/garlicandonionsbyasmarehman

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