Turkish Gozleme with Indian Twist ( Spinach cheese Paratha)

Recently I visited a Turkish stall and tried #fetaspinachgözleme which I really loved and then tried in my home kitchen with little Indian twist and tried to make it more nutritious by choosing to use #multigrainwholewheatflour instead of #refinedflour. Traditionally it is prepared using Feta cheese but I had some leftover #recotta cheese so I used that with some #mozerellacheese on top. And it came out as a complete package of #nutrition and #taste


Wheat flour: 3 cups

Red chili powder: 1/4 tsp

Salt: as per your taste

Olive oil: 2 tbsps ( 1 for filling and one for the wrap ) + for basting while cooking on skillet

Eggs: 2

Baby spinach: 100 gms

Recotta cheese: 3 tbsps ( heaped) if you choose to use Feta cheese then don’t add salt.

Black pepper: 1 1/2 tsp

Garlic: 4 large cloves ( chopped finely )

Mixed herbs ( optional ): 1/2 tsp

Mozerella cheese: 1/2 cup ( shredded )


1. Mix wholewheat flour, olive oil, red chili powder and salt, knead a soft dough by adding water. Cover with moist cloth and keep aside for 20 min. to rest.

2. Prepare filling by crushing raw spinach with hands until it becomes wilted.

3. Now add eggs, black pepper, olive oil, ricotta cheese, herbs and salt to it ( remember that we also added salt in dough so just add a little bit ). Mix it well, you can see a little bit liquid in your filling but don’t worry about that egg is there to handle it 😜.

4. Prepare a chapati with the help of rolling pin, it should be as thin as you can make it without tearing ( and use as little dry flour to roll as possible ).

5. Spread filling in the semi-circle and top it up with some shredded mozerella cheese leaving 1/2 inch at the corners to cover the other semi-circle over it.

6. When you are done spreading the filling in semi-circle, bring other half of the circle of chapati to cover it, you have your moon shaped gozleme with a twist. Press gently to to stick both parts of the chapati together and gently cook it on a medium hot skillet ( keep flame on medium setting to cook it evenly ).

7. Cook both sides and baste with olive oil while cooking. Once you get a nice golden colour both sides, you are ready to serve it 😋😋😋

Next version on my list is adding shredded grilled chicken to it 😋

Happy cooking ❤️


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