Traditional Sheer Khurma

sheerkhurma is traditionally prepared on the occasion of #eid . It is an amazing dessert cooked with lots of milk, rice, khoya and dry fruits. It is rich, creamy and a total #delight to taste buds. There are several recipes of sheer khurma over the internet but it is totally different and have unique taste because it doesn’t have any quick fix or short cuts. It is cooked slowly on low flame for several hours and that traditional cooking method makes all the difference worth it. So just scroll down to find out the secret of this delicious dessert 😋😋


Milk: 4 litres ( full cream, prefer organic milk)

Rice: 1/4 cup ( soak overnight or for 3-4 hours and then towel dry to grind coarsely)

Saffron: 2 generous pinch

Khoya: 150 gms

Dates: 10-12 ( chop dates finely or pulse grind to make a paste ) if you have hard dates Althea soak them in warm water for an hour.

Sugar: 3 cups ( more or less as per your sweetness preference)

Green cardamom powder: 1 tbsp

Almonds: soaked overnight and then peeled 1/2 cup

Cashews: 1/2 cup soaked overnight

Pistachios: for garnishing on top

Chironji: 1/4 cup

Small raisins: 3 tbsps

You can choose dry fruits of your choice as well .


1. Boil milk in a large saucepan and add coarsely ground rice and saffron after the first boil. Stir well to mix rice,keep flame on medium after the first boil.

2. Add dates to the boiling milk and let it cook on medium flame until 1/4 milk reduces. Stir occasionally

3. Meanwhile, take a fry pan, add little ghee ( 3-4 tbsps ) and slightly fry sliced almond, cashews and chironji. Make sure that dry fruits don’t change the colour ( fry only for few seconds on low flame)

4. Once 1/4 of the milk reduces add khoya half of the fried dry fruits, and half of remaining other dry fruits ( save half for garnishing ) and green cardamom powder. Continue to cook on low flame stirring continuously. Don’t let it stick at the bottom.

5. Once consistency starts thickening add sugar and continue to cook until your desired consistency. Stirring continuously and slowly is mandatory by now.Taste sweetness and adjust according to your preference.

7. Your delicious traditional sheer khurma is ready, garnish with the remaining dry fruits and let it chill in the fridge before serving for the best taste.

Happy cooking ❤️


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